Quick start guide
What if I want to create animation on a canvas?

All that you need is jCanvaScript library included in your html document. It provides easy objects animation. jCanvaScript contains function .animate() that works with any objects of the library. You can find this function API here. And now the simple example of it:

		<!--we include library here:-->
		<script type="text/javascript" src="jCanvaScript.js"> </script>
		<!--and here is our code:-->
		<script type="text/javascript">
		function start()
			//initialization by canvas id
			//second parameter is isAnimated - set it to true, if you want to 
			//canvas auto-redraws (it's necessary for animation)
			//than we can draw some object
			//(see 'objects' in the left navigation menu)
			//and animate it
		function stop()
			//we can stop animation on a canvas
		<input type="button" onclick="start()" value="start"/>
		<input type="button" onclick="stop()" value="stop"/>
		<canvas height="200" width="500" id="canvas_1"></canvas>

And what we have? You can see the result here: